Bin Salih appointed as UW Regional representative on NPP National Council

Source: Ghana|Joy News|Rafiq Salam

Dr Hafiz Bin Salih has been appointed to represent the Upper West Region on the National Council of the New Patriotic Party.

In a signed letter by the Upper West Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Mr S. B. Kangberee, the appointee has been tasked to represent the region on the highest decision making body after the Delegates Conference of the New Patriotic Party.

According to Article 9 (4) (B1) of the constitution of the New Patriotic Party “There shall be a National Council, which, subject to the decisions of the National Delegates conference, shall direct the affairs of the Party in between meetings of the National Delegates Conference, and for this purpose may give such directives to the National Chairperson as may be considered necessary for the well-being of the Party”.

Although Dr Bin Salih is a highly respected political figure in NPP and in the Upper West Region, his appointment came as a surprise to many political watchers in the Upper West Region because he contested with Mr Kangberee for the Regional Chairmanship position but lost.

Some people see this development as a good sign of political maturity within the NPP.

With almost twenty years in party leadership, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih is expected to provide valuable contributions on the deliberations of the National Council.

Before this appointment, Dr Bin Salih held positions such as:

•         Tescon President Tamale Polytechnic,

•         Polling Station Chairman,

•         Regional Youth Organiser,

•         Regional Secretary,

•         Regional 2nd Vice Chairman,

•         Regional 1st Vice Chairman.

With his rich political background, Dr Bin Salih shall join other bigwigs on the National Council of the NPP. The constitution of the NPP states in Article 9 (4) (B2) that “The National Council shall consist of:

i)        Voting members of the National Executive Committee; 

ii)       ii) Twenty (20) sitting Parliamentarians chosen by the Party’s Parliamentary Group;

iii)      iii) Regional representatives;

iv)      iv. Past National Chairpersons, Past Presidents, and Past Vice Presidents, Presidents Candidates, Running Mates, and Past General Secretaries”. 

It is hoped that with his academic qualification and political experience, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih shall adequately represent the Upper West Region on the National Council of NPP. The appointment is for a period of four years.


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