Bulletproof vehicles: We saved money, retooled police after renegotiating contract- Hamid

Source: Ghana|Myjoyonline.com|Nathan Gadugah

Government is patting itself on the shoulders for renegotiating a contract the Mahama led government entered into for the procurement of luxury vehicles for the presidency.

Information Minister Mustapha Hamid says government decided to buy 34 of the vehicles, nine short of what was originally intended by the Mahama administration, and rather bought 100 Toyota Corolla vehicles for use by the police service all at a cost lower than what the NDC government agreed with the suppliers of the vehicles.

He made these revelations at a press conference held, Tuesday, a day after Myjoyonline.com reported that government had taken delivery of bulletproof vehicles for use by the presidency.


With just days to exit office in 2016, the Mahama government ordered 43 bulletproof vehicles at a cost of $9.1 million for use by the presidency.

The new administration decided to hold on to the transaction pending further negotiations.

At the press conference, Hamid announced the negotiations have been completed with the government saving at least ¢300,000 of the public purse albeit with slight variations.

Explaining the reasons why government accepted the vehicles, the minister said;

“That government is bound by the terms of the contract signed with Amalgamated securities Ltd. That abrogating the contract may incur significant liabilities for the government.

Bulletproof vehicles

“In doing so the government has however made sure to obtain maximum gain for the public purse and also for securing the security of the state,” he said.

Mustapha Hamid said government rather chose to buy 34 instead of the 43 luxury vehicles and decided to buy 100 Toyota Corrolla Vehicles for the police service all at a cost of $8.8 million.

The variation he said is in line with government policy to retool the police service to enable them play effectively, their role of protecting the Ghanaian citizens.

“This decision is consistent with our approach towards contract that we came to meet,” he said.

But the opposition is not convinced by the explanation by the government.

Former presidential staffer, Clement Apaak told Joy News’ Emefa Apawu the previous government did nothing wrong in procuring the vehicles.

According to him the vehicles were procured on the orders of the incoming government and challenged the president to prosecute former officials found culpable of any wrongdoing in the transaction.


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