Court issues warrant for arrest of Jospong CEO

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A High Court in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of CEO of the Jospong Group of Companies, Joseph Siaw Agyapong.

Other persons to be arrested include Kweku Osafo Buabeng who is the lawyer for the Jospong Group of Companies and Patrick Asagba who is a manager of the company. 

The three people were cited for contempt of court in a case involving the seizure of a vehicle belonging to one Alhaji Abass in 2015. 

In 2015, Mr Abass sent his car for servicing at J.A Plantpool in Kumasi and it was detained. The company is owned by Mr Siaw Agyapong.

J.A Plantpool argued that Mr Abass has defaulted in the payment of a bank loan and it was acting based on the orders of the bank.

According to Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor, Alhaji Abass filed a suit in court challenging the action of J.A Plantpool leading to the award of a judgement.

The judge awarded GH¢1,350,000 against Mr Siaw Agyapong who has failed to honour it. 

Consequently, the court further issued another judgement to close down Mr Siaw Agyapong’s company in Dzorwulu, in Accra. 

This lasted only for a while after which the company was later opened for business in defiance of the court’s decision, the reporter said. 

Counsel for the applicant, Kwame Adofo explained that “the bench warrant was issued initially for two people, simply because the court was not satisfied that Mr Siaw Agyapong at that time had been served properly. So the court insisted that we make sure he is served.” 

He indicated that they carried out the bench warrant and arrested the two other contemnors; Osafo Buabeng and Patrick Asagba last Friday and subsequently released them on bail.

“In relation to Mr Jospong, he was served by substituted service and was meant to have attended court on Tuesday, February 13 but when the court sat, he was not in court.

“So we made the application for the court to give us the order by way of a bench warrant for his arrest and the court granted it,” he said.




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