Minority cash-for-seat motion incompetent; throw it out – Kyei Mensah Bonsu

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Naa Sakwaba Akwa | [email protected]

The Majority Leader, Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu has described as incompetent a motion brought by the Minority requesting for an inquiry into the cash for seat saga.

He said although it was the duty of Parliament to oversee executive performance, the motion brought before the House by the Minority amounts to a gross abuse of the processes.

He said the prime mover of the motion, Member of Parliament for Asawase, Muntaka Mubarak and all those who claim to be signatories to the application did not append their signature on the application presented before the House.

A situation which is against Parliamentary practices, therefore the motion should be thrown out. He was quick to add however that if the Minority were to come properly before the House, they are willing and ready to debate the matter before the close of day.

“And the subject matter is request to the Speaker of Parliament under Article 112 (3) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and order 38 (1) of the standing orders of the Parliament of Ghana.

“And he [Muntaka] says ‘we the undersigned members of parliament’… that means that he is part of the people who are causing parliament to be summoned. Strangely, he does not have his name on the list and he has not signed any document.

“So Mr Speaker in simple terms, this is a case of misrepresentation, it is a typical case of misrepresentation when he says that he has appended his signature,” he said.

Order Paper

Mr Kyei Mensah Bonsu also noted that per the order paper presented, the summon is a gross abuse of the processes of the House.

He noted that the motion itself is full of inaccuracies because the Minority seems to be changing goal posts because the “motion before us has nothing to do with extortion.

“So Mr Speaker what we have before us is a very incomepetent motion whcih cannot be entertained by this House…so i will urge and pray that you dismiss this and let them come properly,” he added.

He invited the Speaker to rule on the matter.

But Mr Muntaka in responding to the Majority Leader expressed shock at the claims made by Mr Kyei Mensah Bonsu.

‘”It is most disingenuous for the Majority Leader to even imagine that what was done was wrong.”

He said his signature is in a memo presented to the House and the 15 percent number of members required to request a meeting has been met.

He therefore finds it unexplainable that the Majority Leader is calling for the motion to be thrown out.


The Speaker Prof Mike Ocquaye agreed in part with the argument of the Majority but says given the important nature of the matter at hand he will not completely dismiss the case. 

He has given the Minority 30 minutes to rectify the “procedural irregularity” and return to the House for proceedings to continue.



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