Walewale Assembly identifies sites for irrigation dams

The Walewale Municipal Assembly has identified twelve farming communities to benefit from irrigation dams. The beneficiary communities include: Tiguri, Nayoku, Gbimsi, Guabuluga, Wungu, Nasia, Nabari, Zagu, Vuga, Wulugu, Takowar as well Takorayili – all within the Walewale municipality.

The initiative is to complement government’s flagship One Village, One Dam project.

Construction of the dams is expected to help improve access to and use of water resources by the residents for both domestic and agricultural purposes.

Engineers have been assessing the sites in readiness for commencement of work.

Speaking to the B&FT in an interview, the Municipal Chief Executive for Walewale, Abu Mohammed, said feasibility studies and consultative fora have taken place – with work on some of the dams set to begin soon, ahead of the rainy season, to harvest enough water for the dry season.

He noted that some of the dams already exist but are in deplorable states, hence the need to rehabilitate them.

“We, as an Assembly, are prepared for this year’s farming season because we have provided capacity training for our farmers to adopt modern farming practices so as to produce sufficient foodstuffs to feed the communities and nation,” he stated.

He said the assembly has also acquired some water storage tanks to be positioned at vantage points for the use of farmers and for domestic use.

He said some promoters have also arrived in the area to support the farmers to increase their agricultural production.

“There is an available warehouse to stock the farm produce of the farmers, with some yet to be constructed at specific places to ease the stress on farmers in storing their farm produce after harvest,” he said.

The assembly, he said, has collected data on farmers and is collaborating with the department of agriculture and certified seed producers to procure quality seeds for the farmers.

He said for government’s One Village, One Dam initiative to succeed there is a need for sufficient financial resources to be allocated.

He invited investors interested in Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) arrangements for irrigation projects to approach the assembly.

Government alone, he said, cannot help alleviate the poverty of farmers without assistance from the private sector.

A lot of communities within the municipality get flooded during the raining season, particularly when Burkina Faso opens its Bagri Dam.  This therefore means that harvesting water for the purposes of irrigation will not be difficult, the MCE said.



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